About the Cards

  • All cards are 4” x 6” folding cards 
  • All cards, except digital downloads, come with envelops
  • Scripture – most current translations are copyrighted so the WEB (World English Bible), an open-soured translation, is used.
  • Paper finishes
    • Glossy (Eco) - comes with a craft paper envelope 
    • Mohawk Linen (Eco) - comes with a craft paper envelope
    • Matte - comes with a white envelope
    • Textured Linen - comes with a white envelope
  • Eco features for Glossy & Mohawk Linen cards
    • water-based inks
    • sustainably sourced paper
    • Vegan-friendly
    • recyclable


What’s the Story Behind Barnabas Notes?

Ephesians 5:19-20 & 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Hi, I’m Lindsay Lewchuk - the founder, photographer, and maker of Barnabas Notes.  As a 40-year-old living life with EI (Environmental Illness) and in medically necessitated isolation to keep my health challenges manageable, I found it difficult to fully express the spiritual gift God gave me of encouragement.  Then the Internet came along and (much later) Covid. Covid opened doors to plug back into society in ways never before possible!  Though I remain isolated, I’m able to go outside (at times) during which He draws me to praise Him while basking in scenes He sets before me.  For the past decade I’ve published knitting designs featuring eco yarns.  Photo shoots of my designs capture these stunning scenes of God’s paintbrush.  Filing them away for a rainy day, I started utilizing them on my knitting social media account sharing Saturday Bible verse posts and nightly encouragement.  God used a struggle my friend was going through to show me that this combination of His creation and His Word has power, through the Holy Spirit to uplift, speaking comfort, joy, peace, and love from one heart to another.  Thus, Barnabas Notes was born.

From the present to the distant past... as a young girl I was the office go-fer for my dad's computer software company and frequently found myself drawn to the graphic designer's computer.  Recognizing my fascination as he created all sorts of graphic elements, he taught me Corel Draw.  That early introduction morphed my pencil and paper drawings to computer based as I began creating my own coloring pages, cards, and even logos.  Stenciling and coloring gift cards was also a hobby.  My first non-nepotistic job was in a stationary store in Charlotte, NC.  There, too, I was fascinated watching the graphic designer at her workstation and enjoyed helping her set up different computer-generated prints.  After the accident that caused my illness the medium I used had to change, but my love for creating never ceased.  Over the years, my interest in photography grew.  About a decade ago my skill improved enough to start capturing the beauty God placed before me.  Combining the recent experience of my friend’s struggle with these other little bits from here and there, God sparked the idea of Barnabas Notes.  I pray that the images He has blessed me will lift your heart to praise Him as well!


Meet the Photographers

Lindsay on a photo shoot

Lindsay Lewchuk is the primary photographer, but since we all share the camera and don’t note who is behind it, there is an occasional photograph by:

“Camera Dad” – Lindsay’s dad who mainly shoots while on travels for Lindsay’s treatments. 

“Camera Mom” – Lindsay’s mom who mainly shoots locally.

These images are used with their expressed permission.