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Galatians 6 Black Bear

Galatians 6 Black Bear

Galatians 6:2

Top Fold, Inside Blank

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Behind the design
"BEAR" - I screamed and shook like a leaf as I grabbed my camera to shoot this beast that walked under my office window close enough to touch (had my windows been opened).  He lumbered around the house to the side yard where he enjoyed watching the world as he slowly honed in on his lunch, the larva from an underground beehive.  My mom came running and held me close as we both watched in fascination... my camera clicking every few seconds.  Yes, I was in my 30s at the time, but nonetheless her nearness gave me the courage to shoot from behind the safety of the window.  And speaking of running, after several stings the bear decided the ground bees weren't worth the pain and went running off.  I can attest, bears run fast when they want to!


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